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Age:25 --- B.E.(Computer Science), Android/Java Developer, CCNA, CCNA SECURITY (IINS), CCNP (R&S), 4011 Recognized(NSA & CNSS)U.S.A. , MCSA, MCTS, REDHAT CERTIFIED NETWORK SECURITY ADMINISTRATOR(RH253), AFCEH.

Projects Handled


//--- All the below apps are personalized apps for the clients to be used by them, their customes or their employees. Below are the parts played by me as a team member of the team which was leading the below projects.

SchoolWriting App

-> Created very own  Generic Tracing Algorithm and implementing it for tracing of alphabets from 23 different fonts.(But it can be used for tracing others things of this nature).
-> Implemented the logic for writing over the canvas and then getting it repeated.

EduZone App

-> Designed and Coded the entire core of the app.
-> Created and Implemented the DataBase Encryption functionality.
-> Handled the video encryption into the app (Functionality removed).
-> Handled to and fro navigation of the Quiz while attending it (Functionality removed).

Sing It Say It

-> Coded the Shuffler.
-> Coded the FTP Handling of media files.
-> Implemented the logic for sound modulation in android.
-> Created and Implemented very own logic for Internet availability checking code.

     //--- One can find My Internet availability checking code in stackoverflow.com

Yum Zing

-> Design the architecture for making the code reusable and extensible.
-> Implemented various functionalities like XML parsing, sorting and shuffling of entries,etc.

Structured App

-> Design the architecture for making the code reusable and extensible.
-> Dynamic Sorting of entries as per selection of options, Json parsing,etc.

Car Wash

-> Complete designing and coding of the app.
-> SOAP parsing.

Hook app (IPhone)

-> Created a Custom Java Based Chat Server for handling the chat clients.

Dealing pit (Java Swing Application)
-> Created a custom Java Swing application to work in close relation with the Dealing pit android app.

-> Created a custom camera with flip and flash functionality.
-> Created a custom contact list with indexer on grid view.
-> Created a custom list of contact grouped by Date and Time.
-> Implemented own logic to handle OutOfMemoryError due to excessive use of Bitmaps.

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